How to use Buyer Psychology to streamline your sales, marketing, and order of operations so that you can attract, convert, and retain paying clients with ease in 42 days or less without having to be sleazy, beg, or offer discounts.

Yes this can be your NEW reality even if….

you are technically challenged, suck at asking for the sale, disorganized, and overwhelmed with the busyness of growing and managing an online business using my Smart Business Success Systems Framework.

Entrepreneurship is supposed to be a cake walk,(because that is how you picture it in your head, because after all, you are doing what you love….working for yourself) but you feel like you are walking on egg shells every month because you are worried about your personal and business bank accounts going into the red and paying useless overdraft fees that keep you broke and desperate.

$5k or more is your monthly money goal, but you are barely bringing in $1,500 every month if that. And if you have mastered $10k months or more you are stretched to your max because you don’t have enough energy or time to keep up with the demand. Either way, you aren’t living the proverbial dream life of a entreprenuer who has “made it.” Or maybe your business is doing good, but you want to do even better.

You are making just enough to pay your bare essentials and you are burnt out.

You are a pro at what you do, but you aren’t the best when it comes to sales or managing a business for optimal results.

You’ve been skeptical of the “coaches” that say they can help you, downloaded endless freebies, and eye-balled course after course, but you can’t seem to trust to hype.

Doing business the old way “manual” is the only thing you know. You aren’t excited about learning anything new (because Lord knows you don’t have the patience), but you know you can’t go on doing things the way that you have.

Here is why your business hasn’t reached the next level…

  1. Stuck in start up mode

  2. Don’t know how to build a functioning website, and generate traffic that results in your PayPal notifications sounding off daily. You have a website and you present your offers but no one is buying, and your sales are inconsistent

  3. Need a visibility plan to attract clients. You are one of the world’s best-kept secrets. 

  4. Don’t know how to profit using social media- You want to make money in the online space, but you lack a clear brand message. 

  5. Need confirmation on the exact business model that will generate profits

  6. Need systems in place to service clients consistently- stuck in the vicious cycle of sales fulfillment sales. Stop and go with no time to take a break and enjoy the experience. Need to automate your fulfillment sequence

  7. You don’t know what you don’t know and need someone to reveal what missing in your business to you

  8. You don’t know how to leverage social media or how to be relevant in the online space

Not having a solid business infrastructure in place is keeping your systems broken, revenue inconsistent (cash flow), and your visibility shallow in the marketplace. You need someone to reveal those blind spots.

The online business thing isn’t working out so great. At least not yet….

Imagine if……

There is a system to getting testimonials, feedback, closing a sale, hosting your first client intake meeting, creating questionnaires that qualify and close a sale before you talk to the prospect.

Imagine ……

Watching your inbox fill up with new appointment notifications and invoices that are paid in full and on time.

Imagine what it would feel like if you had…

New prospects contacting you vs. you spending hours on end hunting for new clients.


Not having to second guess yourself because you know exactly how you are going to service your clients and no longer making business deals at the seat of your pants then frantically trying to get your ducks in a row to service the client.


Feeling like a million bucks when your client whips out their credit card to pay for your services or product and thinking to yourself… damn that wasn’t hard…. asking for the sale was easy….I can’t believe that they didn’t haggle me, ask me for a discount and I didn’t have to repeat myself multiple times or feel like I had to “sale” them 

This is possible when you learn how to create a signature customer service experience that makes your clients giggle at the excitement of paying for your services and then tell all of their friends and family about the stellar results you helped them achieved.

This can happen when you are able to focus on YOUR clients vs. spend all for time on administrative tasks and marketing. It just makes sense for your business to be on autopilot, right?

I mean I’d much rather focus on marketings, train + develop my clients, and spend more time with my children. Insert what you’d rather be doing 6 weeks from now vs. whatever time sucking activity that you hate now.

But Why Should You Trust Me? Who Am I?

I am a diaper changing mompreneur who tackles sleep insomnia while I help my clients monetize their ideas + expertise and slay 6 Figure deals to creating courses and services that meet their target audience where they are.
I’ve been where you are. All over the place. Not knowing what to focus on, where to start, what questions to ask, or what I needed to have in place to properly manage and grow my business.
I just wanted to make money and lots of it. I needed a business infrastructure that would allow me to be free to work with my clients. I needed time to think. To be creative. To thrive. I didn’t want to worry about where the money was going to come from to cover my business expenses or to pay for childcare or my mortgage.
I just wanted to release my genius into the wild so that my clients could get the best of me. I’ve landed high paying corporate gigs without having to have face-to-face interviews. I know how to get people to say YES to me because I have always had the numbers (performance reviews aka documentation) to prove the results I have landed for my employers.
I can close high-end sales with my eyes closed because I understand people. I have a knack for reading between the lines. I know how to tap into your potential and make it tangible. Tell me your vision for your life and business and I will make it plain.

I like to take what you perceive as complicated and make it simple. I’ve been ripped off my not so nice sleazy coaches who have charged me thousands of dollars but didn’t help me achieve the results they promised. Yelp. I’ve been burned to the tune of $18k, but I got thick skin. I respect my clients because I desire to be respected. I am the operation get shit done queen. Systems + processes are my thing. Clarity + Implementation are the only two things that make sense to me.

I created Smart Business Success Systems so that I can help you shorten your learning curve and take out the guess work of running an efficient income producing business in a tech savvy world.



The first complete on-demand digital learning experience designed to teach you how to streamline your online business to attract, convert, and retain paying ideal clients. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech or digital marketing skills, everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

In 6 weeks or less, you will learn how to Master the Art of Client Management & Start Dominating the entire Sales Process.

Watch The Video & Find Out Why I Created this System + Get a Sneak Peak of What The System Looks Like In Real Time. 

Start Here

Business Success Essentials 

We will cover business fundamentals 101.

Lesson 1: SBSS Weekly Game Plan
Lesson 2: Mindset
Lesson 3: Money Goals
Lesson 4: Plan Your Success
Lesson 5: Client Avatar
Lesson 6: What is your USP? + Smart Market Research Best Practices
Lesson 7: How to POSITION Your Business to Profit
Lesson 8: Copy Hacks That Convert

Module 1

Communication Masterclass

I teach you how to close sales with ease.

Lesson 1: Perfecting the Sales Conversation
Lesson 2: 4 Frame of Minds that Prevent the Client From Saying YES
Lesson 3: The Follow Up Formula
Lesson 4: Call to Action Best Practices

Module 2

How to Profit Using Questionnaires

Inside of this module, I break down the psychology of the consumer. I teach you how to get inside of your ideal clients head so that you can create products and services that they will buy.

Lesson 1: The Art of Asking the Right Questions
Lesson 2: Client Testimonial Best Practices
Lesson 3: The Buyers Psychology
Lesson 4: How to Exceed Your Client’s Expectations

Module 3

Signature Systems & Client Mastery

This is where I give you a framework to follow so that you create systems and processes that are a good fit for you and your business. It is designed to show you how to establish a signature customer service experience that will have your clients raving and eating out of the palms of your hands.

Lesson 1: 3 Reasons you need systems and processes in place to scale your business
Lesson 2: Client Intake Onboarding Best Practices
Lesson 3: Setting Expectation: The Welcome Email
Lesson 4: Meetings That Convert & Retain Your Ideal Client Blueprint
Lesson 5: Product and Service Fulfillment Gameplan

Module 4

Creating a Brand That’s In Demand

We go over the essentials of making money using social media and how to pimp out your website to be your personal ATM

Lesson 1: How to get your clients to Know, Like, & Trust You Before They Buy
Lesson 2: How to create a brand that’s in demand
Lesson 3: Website and Social Media Optimization
Lesson 4: Facebook Best Practices
Lesson 5: Pinterest Best Practices
Lesson 6: Instagram Best Practices
Lesson 7: Twitter Best Practices

Smart Business Success Systems is for you if:

  • You are a business owner and you have no standard process to manage your client interactions
  • You don’t know what systems and processes you should be using to manage + grow your business
  • You have an established client base, but your current way of doing business is not productive. You want to streamline your efforts + work with more clients in less time
  • You need someone who is going to tell you exactly what you need to have on your website + social media profiles to attract the RIGHT paying clients and then show you what steps you should be taking to retain and manage those clients
  • You want to close more sales and smash your money goals
  • You are tired of recreating the wheel every time you acquire a new client. You want to plug them into a system and a process so that your business can run on autopilot
  • You want someone who will tell you what to do to make your business profitable and visible now, not jerk your chain and feed you b.s.
  • Hands down you need help with the TECH side of your business. You don’t like Googling for answers because you don’t know what you should be looking for, but you do know how you want to run your business

Program Outcomes

  • You will be able to understand the psychology of your buyers and use that information to position your business to profit
  • You will learn how to create the RIGHT products + services to sell that your ideal clients want to buy
  • You will learn the RIGHT way to upsell + follow up with your prospects and have the confidence to ask for the sale
  • You will feel confident about all client interactions because you will have a blueprint to follow for every phase of the sales process
  • You will have an order of operations setup and ready to go for your business. No more feeling trapped in the “I don’t know” zone and doing things at the seat of your pants. You will be efficient and organized
  • You will learn how to create a signature customer service experience that makes your prospects say YES before they BUY and send you endless referrals
  • Your clients will know, like, trust and be loyal to you because they will feel like you Understand THEM

BONUS #1 ($997 Value)

 Access to a Private Mastermind Community

To Get Real Time Support


Tech Vault

 Core Business Growth & Strategy How-To Tech Trainings ($497 Value)

*The Vault is tailored to the needs of all paying members

  1. Convertkit Overview + Smart Email Marketing Advanced Techniques
  2. How to Create & Use Facebook Ad tracking Pixels
  3. How to automate your inquiries
  4. How to create opt-in + landing pages using Leadpages and Convertkit
  5. How to create promotional videos
  6. Clickfunnels Best Practices
  7. How to create an e-book + graphics from scratch using Canva
  8. How to create an email marketing campaign + sales funnel
  9. How to save your Facebook Posts
  10. How to create shareable PDFs

Program Details

  • You will have lifetime access to the program +updates at no additional charge
  • SBSS is 6 Weeks long and it consists of 5 Modules + 2 Implementation Weeks. You will get access to the Start Here Module immediately after you join.
  • Thre are No Live Training. Each week you will gain access to a new module + worksheets in your membership portal powered by Zippy Courses
  • You will get access to the Private Mastermind immediately after payment is received
  • The video training in this program will be short and concise. No having to look through hours of information. I am going to get straight to the point so that you can focus on building your business
  • You can work through this material at your own pace and get support when you need it most from the Bonus Private Mastermind



When I came to Wendy, I was stressed out and all over the place. I knew how to attract clients, but I didn’t have systems and processes in place to manage my client workload effectively.  Wendy taught me how to create a client onboarding process that allowed me to process 32 new credit repair clients in a matter of minutes which resulted in a $3100 sales day. I can now service more clients in less time, and I feel relieved. I am no longer nervous when I start my sales conversation because I know exactly what to say and what to focus on during my client meetings. Linda Marks,


Pay In Full Investment $997 or Six Monthly Equal Payments of $197. Pay $197 Now to get started. 

Pay In Full $997 & Save $185
Payment Plan $197 x 6 Due Monthly